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DSCN2879The mission of the University of Chicago’s Institute for Translational Medicine is to speed the progress of laboratory research into healthcare practice and improved community health. We connect researchers and community organizations with fundingeducation, and resources to find effective ways to prevent and treat disease in real-world settings.

Since its inception, the ITM has established education programs, built resource tools, funded studies, and connected researchers with community members. In striving toward clinical research advances, we share the University of Chicago and Medical Center mission to improve the health of the more than 1 million people living on the South Side of Chicago and beyond.

The ultimate goal of the ITM is to train scientists and healthcare providers at UC and in our community to determine the molecular, genetic, pathophysiologic, and social determinants of disease and disease predisposition in individuals. We are also dedicated to improving the overall health of the historically underserved populations in the South Side of Chicago and surrounding communities.

History of the ITM

The University of Chicago (UC) Institute for Translational Medicine (ITM) was created in 2007 to provide the resources required to catalyze research and research training in clinical and translational science, and is led by Julian Solway, MD, ITM Principal Investigator, and Lainie Ross, MD, PhD, ITM Co-Investigator.

Funded by the National Institutes of Health/National Center for Advancing Translational Science-funded Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA), we work with a consortium of 61 institutions toward advancing medicine in innovative ways.


Dedicated ITM research facilities include the Clinical Resource Centers at the University of Chicago and NorthShore University Health System (NSUHS), space occupied by the practice-based research networks (PBRN) centered at UC and at NSUSH, and the portion of the Biostatistics Laboratory that serves ITM needs – dedicating more than 425,000 square feet to research facilities at the University of Chicago and our partner institutions.

The Clinical Resource Center, established in 1961 as one of the first centers dedicated to clinical research, provides monitoring of all sorts for inpatient studies. It offers a wide range of capabilities for outpatient studies, and conducts lab biobanking and lab services.  Currently, there are more than 135 active CRC protocols.

The ITM has stimulated more than $46.6 million in investment in clinical and translational research infrastructure at UChicago and partner institutions, and has directly contributed to more than $8.9 million in research funding awards.

The ITM has trained more than 230 new or developing scientists (graduate and beyond) since its inception, plus trainees in pipeline programs for high school, college, and allied health professions.

About 550 ITM investigators have directly benefitted from ITM resources (including funding, training, core facilities, and leadership roles)

The ITM also collaborates with researchers and clinicians across many disciplines at our partner institutions, including:


CSTA National Consortium

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